When will stores open this Black Friday?

Over the years, retail stores have been opening their doors to customers much ahead of official Black Friday to increase their sales. Last year, many stores opened on the eve of Thanks Giving as early as 5 PM. Retail store employees have been protesting the early start and have been asking for time off to celebrate Thanks Giving with family and friends. However, retail stores have managed to push back their demands and have been able to open early. It remains to be seen how things will unfold this Black Friday sale season. But rest assured, we will make the latest store schedule available to you as soon as they are announced so that you look up all the major store sale schedule in one centralized location.

In 2016, major stores like Target, Walmart, and Kohl’s opened at 6 PM on Thanks Giving eve. Some of the factory outlet stores we visited last year had very few people when doors opened at 6 PM. Crowds swelled around 8 PM and we experienced long checkout queues as the night progressed. But shopping at 6 PM was a breeze. Trial rooms were easily accessible and we were able to quickly try out our clothes and complete our purchase. In comparison to factory outlets, the regular retail stores in town centers had long serpentine queues at least an hour or two before store open time. Surprisingly, some stores like JC Penney opened as early as 3 PM on Thanks Giving eve. Some of the JC Penney stores had long queues to enter the store. Major stores like JC Penney had some freebies for the first few hundred customers which made it worth the wait.

This year, if you would like to shop at a brick and mortar store, shop traditional style, try before you buy, our recommendation would be to drive to factory outlets in smaller towns on Thanks Giving eve. Factory outlets typically tend to have a large number of brand stores and the crowds get distributed making it a pleasant shopping experience for all. Of course, if you have your eyes set on offers at major brand stores, be prepared to wait in long queues to enter the store as well as at the checkout counters.

Happy Thanks Giving and do share some of our shopping experiences with your friends!

Author: Mr Harry G H

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