How to get extra savings on your Black Friday purchase

Black Friday sale is a great opportunity to shop for low prices on your purchase. There are several opportunities to get
additional discounts on the already low prices. One way to do it is to sign up for a store membership card. However, this involves getting
an additional credit card, tracking the purchases separately and managing the payments on that card. More on that later.
In this post, we will talk about a very simple approach which does not cost you anytjing and lets you save 5-20 % over
and above your discounted prices using email sign-up.
Most of the big box stores have email sign-up on their websites. So create an email, if you don’t have one already – which is highly
unlikely in this day and age. Visit the website of the store you want to make your Black Friday purchase at.
Most of the times, you will see a popup window, asking you to sign up using your email id. The sign up window on the store website usually provides you details about the discount offer.
Go ahead, complete the sign up, print your discount coupon and get ready for shopping! Just make sure to read the fine print to confirm
the discount is over and above regular discounts. Present your coupon at the checkout and you are good to go.

The big box stores will use your email id to send you promotions and offers throughout the year. Now it may be a concern for some people
who do not like to be bothered by promotion emails. However, if you are using gmail, it simply shows all promotion emails in a separate tab and these emails
will not interfere your regular email conversations. You can quickly get rid of the promotional emails in one quick swipe. Simply navigate to the promotions tab in gmail, select all emails and hit delete.

Some of the stores where we have used these coupons successfully during the 2016 Black Friday sales were U S Polo Assn, Carters, Tommy Hilfiger and the like. It remains to be seen
whether the stores will continue to offer these discounts in 2017, fingers crossed and happy shopping!

Author: Mr Harry G H

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