5 Ways to Save Big at Kohl’s

Kohl’s is a popular destination for holiday shopping with serpentine queues, people waiting to get in and grab great deals on items they have been eagerly for. There are several ways to save while you shop at a Kohl’s near you. In this segment, we will highlight the top 5 ways to save and get great deals.

  1. Visit the www.Kohls.com website

    Before you hit the store, make sure you visit the www.Kohls.com website. The website usually gives you information on great deals right on their home page. Here is what we found on www.kohls.com when we visited their site today. Print those coupons and take advantage of the discounts at checkout.

  1. Sign up for Yes2You rewards program

Kohl’s has a free sign up to their rewards program. You automatically save 5% or $5 on every $100 spent once you enroll on top of all the other discounts and offers you get at Kohl’s. With Yes2You rewards, you also get a special birthday gift along with a bunch of surprise discounts throughout the year on your email. Simply scan the bar code contained in the email at checkout and save!


  1. Keep an eye out for Kohl’s mailer coupons

Kohl’s sends mailer coupon once or twice a month. These coupons contain discounts ranging from 10% to 30%. At times, the mailer coupons also contain $5 or $10 gift coupons, $10 discount for spending $50 and more. This is definitely one of the best ways to get a good deal at Kohl’s when used in combination with some of the other options described here.

  1. Sign up for a Kohl’s charge card

If you would like to shop often at Kohl’s, consider signing up for a Kohl’s charge credit card. During Thanksgiving sales, Kohl’s has extra discounts for signing up for a Kohl’s charge card on top of all the other discounts already being offered. So signing up for Kohl’s charge card during Thanksgiving sale would be your best move for big savings. Kohl’s send exclusive coupons to Kohl’s Charge card customers throughout the year. Kohl’s card holders who spend more than $600 a year get placed into the “Most Valuable Customer” program and receive 18 discounts throughout the year! Just remember to make the Kohl’s charge payments on time to avoid any late fees.

  1. Visit websites that sell Kohl’s gift cards at a discount

    Visit websites like www.raise.com which sell Kohl’s gift cards at a discount price. Discounts usually range between 4 – 10 %. You will score a discount even before you enter the store!

    At the time of writing this, we found a Kohl’s gift card worth $80 for $74 which is an 8% saving right away. When you combine this with all the other methods described, you are sure to end up with a great bargain!

Happy holiday shopping!
Author: Mr Harry G H


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